A Few Updates

I haven’t written anything in a very long time so I thought I should probably post some updates about recent developments in my artistic life.

I have an exhibition running from October 8 – November 30th, with the Untitled Arts Society in their +15 space here in Calgary, AB. I will be exhibiting a series of images produced with CR2 glitches and a borderline abstract video piece to serve as dreamlike impressions of the changing self. You can find detailed descriptions on the Untitled Arts Society page.


The prints for the show came out beautifully. I was especially taken by their iridescent, pearl like quality. I had them printed at ABL Imaging – just like my MFA show – because I knew the kind of colour profiles these guys are capable of outputting on paper. It was critical for my pieces to be as vibrant and as close to the digital screen version as possible. They are available for purchase through my gallery: DaDe Art & Design Lab in Inglewood.


I have also started teaching an intro New Media course, at the U of L’s Bow Valley College Campus in Calgary in this Fall semester. I will be returning to teach another course in the spring semester as well, which will be entirely focused on principles of design. I am looking forward to diving deeper into Illustrator for that one.


I am also looking to start producing new work with a focus on the pixel as the building block, generating images and video that are more reminiscent of 8-bit graphics than polished hyperrealism. A sample of early experiments is below (titled “Anonymous”).

There are so many more ideas in my head, dying to get out and materialize, but there isn’t enough resources to make them happen quickly. I suppose such is the artistic process. I continuously write them down in my notebook and soon hope to get started on a few before the winter hits and takes all the light away.



Red Swan

I recently dug through my photos and videos from my February Amsterdam trip and I found this video of a swan floating in a canal in the Red Light District.

I knew I wanted to do something abstract with it, so I sized down the video to a tiny resolution and then exported it from Adobe Encoder as a sequence of TIFFs. I sized up the TIFFs in Photoshop keeping the edges of the pixels sharp for a reason, and composed a video out of them in Premiere. The single frames themselves seemed quite interesting to me so I took one of them and made a conventional poster out of it. The goes to show that inspiration hits random sometimes, but it can lead to intriguing places.




15 Selves – Autoportrait with Glitch

Here are 15 results of a recent experiment with glitching older CR2 files. The vivid colors and the fragmentation of the image into two distinct fields – upper and lower – are characteristic of this specific file format.

This started as a purely formal exercise. It’s crazy to say but it was hard to narrow it down to 15 images! I bet some of these would look really nice as a metallic print. Hope you enjoy it!

















Revisiting Photography

I have recently looked through source images for my glitch projects and found portraits that I thought were interesting to look at. Photography is still a strong part of my artistic practice and I will continue to develop myself as an artist in that area.

In the meantime here is what I found.





The Four