Defining Creativity

Creativity is so valued because it’s difficult to control. It’s moody, finicky and unpredictable. I have trouble being creative sometimes. The conditions need to be just right in order for me to have the mind space to think about new ideas. Sometimes while you are required to be creative, and have a clear vision of a fascinating, labour intensive yet delightful idea, other forces pull you in multiple directions, and confusion sets in to complicate the matters. Although once you knew exactly what you were interested in, now you are dissected and consumed by multiple possibilities, that in themselves don’t quite cut it, and when you try them on, they don’t fit your unique vision. Creativity is especially elusive when your schedule forces you to engage in creative output.

Unfortunately the force of creativity does not keep a schedule, nor does it obey schedules applied to it from outside. I utilize mine usually at late evening hours, when my mind is awake and alive, but when everyone who is responsible, sleeps, and consequently makes me feel incredibly bad about getting up late in the mornings. Guilt is not the greatest motivator.

Sometimes I am spontaneous with my creativity, and I find that if i over think an idea, it never turns out to my satisfaction. However sometimes deep thought is necessary to facilitate a clever, fresh project that is not only satisfactory visually but also full of depth and supported by sound research.

Creativity is a beast that is fed by sights and sounds, information, regular day to day life, interesting and resourceful individuals, traveling, discussions and brainstorming, your own aspirations and intellect, and that thing that really fascinates the heck out of you about the world you live in. It is the one essential skill of adaptation and survival. You can not find new ways to exist and produce in the ever changing environment if you are not good at being creative. Trends come and go, technology continuously improves, human relationships and communication evolves, and the planet itself is in deep SH&%. Letting creativity be what it is, without restraint and complications, without rules and pressures, one can accomplish significant milestones in artistic development. However the world operates on a 24 hour clock, and time is of essence in some situations.

Creativity by simple words is the act of making something new or original, or using learned or unique methods to produce something that has not been done before. It is all about making NEW out of the old. Does that also mean that creativity is an important part of intelligence? After all to make something new, something that is worth making and worth looking at later, one needs to have all the brain cells in place to produce such a project.

Having so much difficulty clarifying my own thoughts regarding my Master’s Thesis, I made a poster on being creative and how it is to come up with ideas. I approached it as time off from intense brain storming, a welcome diversion, as a way to visualize my struggles, and display hope that eventually it will all turn out just fine.

One thought on “Defining Creativity

  1. There is deep thinking going on for every form of creativity, sometimes it is spontaneous and sometimes it comes from collaborative thinking. And you are right that at a certain moment you need to stop your flowing ideas and just do the original thought before you get lost in the overwhelming sea of ideas. This is the way I see it in my everyday work with children who need visuals to understand their world.

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