At the beginning of my first Master’s semester I was asked to design 8 posters (1 /month) for the New Media Departments Film Series: “Hollywood and Beyond: Great American Filmmakers”. As in the previous years, this year the events were a series of screenings of films selected by the Faculty both from mainstream culture and some of the less known directors. The Lethbridge Public Library has been hosting the screenings.

I saw this as an opportunity to practice some Photoshop skills and have my work displayed around the University and other places. The challenge here was to make a poster for a movie without using any of the film’s actual shots and sometimes without even seeing the film itself. In order to get around this, I watched trailers read the synopsis, and looked at the film’s photography to get a feel for what the story was about. I also looked at some free stock photography sites for source images to composit into the posters.

First I designed a template with a bit of branding for the Film Series, which would become recognizable over time, and then each month solely focused on producing the central image of the poster and changing the content.

At this point I still have two posters to make, however I thought I’d share my favorite ones to date. Here they are:





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