A Look at Banff World Media Festival 2011

I know it may be late, and I know that many of you might have already forgotten what happened in your life yesterday, let alone over a week ago, but I think it is better to report and document late than not at all…

Over the past month I have been working hard to finish my MFA (New Media) thesis proposal draft, and since that is finally done, I can now have a moment to post some pictures from the Banff World Media Festival 2011 which I had a chance to work for again this year as one of the assistant photographers under Bram’s ASIDE, which was a media partner for the event (Event was put on by Achilles Media).

Bram and I, together with another talented assistant photographer – Lindsay Stewart, worked 4 days (June 12-15) from dawn till dusk to cover the various events that were scheduled for the festival. Delegates had a chance to network with top industry media leaders and companies, pitch their content, and catch some industry insight on the current state of television, and digital media. The crowd was full of network executives, producers, directors, writers, digital creators, and people who wanted to get in touch with them.

At the Banff World Media Festival 2011 you could also get a glimpse of actors and celebrities like Edward Asner, Caroline Rhea, Lisa Kudrow, Howie Mandel, Jeremy Hotz, Felicia Day, Yannick Bisson, and Stacey Farber.

In attendance was also a heavily accomplished producer/director, James Burrows – the man behind Cheers, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Friends, Will and Grace and the list goes on..

Below is a selection of pictures from the event. I tried to choose more creative things to put in here instead of just presenting photo-journalistic coverage. Hence, there will be many shots of wine, award statues, over the shoulder sneak-a-peaks and other. For a more detailed coverage please go to Bram’s blog, Inside, where he provides an extensive description of who, what and where at Banff2011.

To see a lot more pictures from Bram, Lindsay and I, please go to Achilles Media Flickr page.

Hope you enjoy the shots!

Yannick Bisson from Murdoch Mysteries

Jeremy Hotz doing his stand-up at St. James Gate Pub
AOL Agency Dinner
Banff Connect Session
Banff Connect Session
Wine Break – Networking

Pitching TV Shows – Competition
Pitching TV Shows – Competition
Pitching TV Shows – Competition
In Conversation with Howie Mandel

Jeremy Hotz Presenting at the Rockie Awards.

James Burrows

In Conversation with Edward Asner.

Spoke Club After-party at the Aurora Nightclub.
Red Carpet at the Rocky Awards. Caroline Rhea.

Edward Asner
Howie Mandel

Thom Beers

Caroline Rhea
Margaret Loesch
Linda Ellerbee

Brett Wilson
Jeremy Hotz
Howie Mandel
Ed Asner accepting his award.

In Conversation with Lisa Kudrow

Haim Goldenberg – Where did the Ketchup bottle go?

Kristin Kreuk
Felicia Day
Hard working photographer – Lindsay Stewart
Another hard working photographer – Bram Timmer with his ProFoto Gear.

Thanks for looking!

Disclaimer: Any use of the above images without permission is strictly forbidden.
© 2011, Marta Blicharz

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