Computational Aesthetics

As a graduate student and an emerging new media artist, I am always looking for opportunities to show my work, and travel to meet like-minded people.

I had a chance to do all those things when I found out that my artwork submission was accepted into the Computational Aesthetics 2011 academic conference and art exhibition, held in Vancouver on August 5-7th at the Marriott Pinnacle downtown. The conference was to be co-located and co-organized with other symposia with really complicated names: International Symposium on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling and International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering. I knew it was going to be a bit nerdy, since SIGGRAPH 2011 was scheduled just after the above events were complete, and all the technology junkies would be converging on the city of Vancouver!

Every student knows how hard it is to pay for education, or educational experiences, and so was the case for me and figuring out a way to pay for my trip to Vancouver. As soon as I knew about my acceptance into the art show, I applied and eventually received the Profiling Award from the University of Lethbridge. I think I got really lucky there as everything happened very short notice!

During the conference I had a chance to listen to paper presentations of students and artists who researched particular tech topics in the area of computer graphics, or completed an artistic technological project and wanted to share their work and experience. There was also the already mentioned art show which opened the event.

What was really great is that my artwork was used for promotional materials for the show including postcards and the cover for the art catalogue, which you can preview and purchase via this link.

I met and chatted with other attendees and enjoyed the delicious snacks provided by the hosting hotel during each coffee and lunch break. One of the people I met was Ted Davis, a fellow glitch artist who exhibited his Text2Image web app, which uses the image structure of a JPG to transform words (bits represented by characters) into images. It is really worth checking out! There was plenty of other brilliant artwork at the show and I was privileged to exhibit among those artists, all of which are listed on the Computational Aesthetics web page.

The Plotter by Andres Wanner.

Exhibiting next to Ted Davis and his ‘Text2Image’

Chatting with Ted.
Ted Davis taking a photo of Bram taking a photo of me.

There were 3 important keynotes from Jeff Han (Founder and Chief Scientist at Perceptive Pixel), Andrew Pearce (director of Research and Development at Dreamworks) and Jeffrey Ventrella (seasoned artist and programmer).

In the evenings, when the talks and presentations were done, Bram and I walked around Vancouver and took pictures. We went to the beach and even caught a glimpse of the fireworks festival from our hotel window. Just before we left we went to this small cafe place with heavenly crepes. I will never forget the nutella/bananna/icecream covered gigantic piece of dough. It was delicious!

Unfortunately I was not able to attend SIGGRAPH 2011 because of the costs involved, but I am hoping to do that in the nearest future.

In the end the trip was short, exhausting, but quite informative and well worth it.

To see more photo coverage from the symposia, go to the Computational Aesthetics Flickr page.

Here is a short video I put together from the few clips I captured during the trip.

Now let the madness of school begin full force again…



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