Recent Glitches

Here is a sample of my recent experiments with corrupting image files. I’m working on figuring out subject matter/narrative for my final MFA show in April. There is still a long road ahead. Just need to work on taking photos with the right content, and weaving that with the process of glitching/building a meaning.

I’m toying with the main idea of glitch as ideological opposition to the overbearing, overwhelming nature of the status quo, especially in consumer culture/mass media, politics and capitalist ideologies. On a grand scale, glitch can be seen as an instance of freedom from an oppressive system – or all systems that depend on digital technologies and networked information, which is pretty much everything today: from mass media, to health care to the financial system.

‘More Action Less Blur’

‘More Action Less Blur II”

I have come to the conclusion, that ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ is a glitch because it is a visual manifestation – a reaction, a result – of a dysfunctional financial system.

A glitch can be a crippling breakdown of communication, preventing further function. It will not be business as usual until the computer is restarted, i.e. the economical system is redrawn. What provokes the glitch must be addressed. Until then it remains a sign of freedom, a demonstration of conscience.

‘Nice Day For a Revolution’

‘Urban Sprawl’

‘High Rise’


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