Design and (Com)modification with/of Glitch

In this entry I wanted to share some of my recent works, where I’ve attempted to experiment with both code-level glitching methods to produce effects, and also appropriating glitch elements from corrupted files to build images ‘conventionally’ in Photoshop, perhaps to focus on the ‘ideology’ of glitch aestheticĀ – if such a thing exists – as a subject in itself. I want to use the corruption and brokenness to tell a story within the realm of a conventional ‘unbroken’ digital image – you could say I want to combine /overlay / juxtapose the two opposing aesthetics / methods of production and see what happens.

Perhaps this represents a state where glitch is further commodified, appropriated, and put into context other than its usual position – in some cases even extracted from its non-tangible digital existence into a physical interpretation – as in the case of the Artifact Chair (below).

These images examine the role of digital error as a desired, simulated aesthetic and commodity, imagining its use in a more mainstream visual design.

The general premise of the subject matter is about creating a moment of corrosion when ordinary conventions of consumption are disrupted, challenged, altered, processed, and on the verge of transforming into something else. This is inspired by the glitch process, incorporating some of its aesthetic and running themes, in order to play on consumer fixations and the potential to change them.

This is a mix of stimulated glitches and Photoshop work. Although it may be obvious for those of you who are familiar and practicing glitch art, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment if you are curious about the process of making these.

Store – Tryptych
Inside Job

Artifact Chair


Disturbed M

Disturbed W


Pop Scrap Yard

Pop Scrap Yard 2

Pop Scrap Yard 3



Rotten A

Rotten B

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