Salvage Yard Love

I suppose it’s cliche to say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but it is true.

Last weekend Bram Timmer and I decided to go take some shots in the industrial park in Lethbridge, AB when we stumbled upon this salvage yard (National Salvage) where we were permitted to roam around for a while.

There we encountered many interesting sights where bent metal of all kinds and origins arranged itself in unintended sculptures. It was texture and light that provided all the fun, so we were snapping quick to get as much in as possible.

I liked the bent metal so much that I came back on Monday to purchase one of the crushed pop-can cubes to re-purpose it as an art piece. Luckily it was cheap as all the metal is sold by the pound.

We also had a quick peek at a tire yard, which ended with the spotting of a guard dog, but we got out just fine.

The evidence is below. Hope you enjoy!

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