A Few Updates


I haven't written anything in a very long time so I thought I should probably post some updates about recent developments in my artistic life. I have an exhibition running from October 8 - November 30th, with the Untitled Arts Society in their +15 space here in Calgary, AB. I will be exhibiting a series of ...

Red Swan

I recently dug through my photos and videos from my February Amsterdam trip and I found this video of a swan floating in a canal in the Red Light District. I knew I wanted to do something abstract with it, so I sized down the video to a tiny resolution and then exported it from Adobe ...

Revisiting Photography

I have recently looked through source images for my glitch projects and found portraits that I thought were interesting to look at. Photography is still a strong part of my artistic practice and I will continue to develop myself as an artist in that area. In the meantime here is what I found. Sean Amanda Jerrim Anna The Four