Revisiting Photography

I have recently looked through source images for my glitch projects and found portraits that I thought were interesting to look at. Photography is still a strong part of my artistic practice and I will continue to develop myself as an artist in that area. In the meantime here is what I found. Sean Amanda Jerrim Anna The Four

Salvage Yard Love

Pop Love

I suppose it's cliche to say that one person's trash is another person's treasure, but it is true. Last weekend Bram Timmer and I decided to go take some shots in the industrial park in Lethbridge, AB when we stumbled upon this salvage yard (National Salvage) where we were permitted to roam around for a while. There ...


Jerrim Rushka

In February I had a chance to shoot some portraits for which two University of Lethbridge  students volunteered. The primary objective of the shoot was to produce some stock photography for my digital image experiments, and in exchange, give the students a few edited acting head shots for their own unlimited use. After a long and ...

Reality Effects

Anna After

In this modern day and era, do you trust images? In other words, how do you navigate the overabundance of the mass of images that clutters our daily life, and how do you distinguish and differentiate the real from the illusionary? Do you ever ask yourself the question: How many things you see in ads, commercials ...